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A component of the Canadian Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System (CMIRPS).

Resolving Concerns about the Safety of your Care

ISMP Canada encourages you to speak with a health professional if you have a concern about the safety of your care or if you think an error in your care has occurred. A health professional can take steps to find out if you have been harmed and can help you get treatment if necessary. Also, telling a health professional about mistakes in your care will allow them to learn how and why the mistake happened and may prevent the same mistake from happening again. If your mistake happened in hospital and you are not sure who to talk to, many healthcare organizations have "patient representatives" or "patient advocates" who may be able to help with your concern.

Information on what to do to resolve a concern about the safety of your care is available on the website of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute under "Patient Concern Resolution Process".

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