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A component of the Canadian Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System (CMIRPS).

About ISMP Canada

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) is an independent national not-for-profit agency committed to the advancement of medication safety in all healthcare settings. ISMP Canada works collaboratively with the healthcare community, regulatory agencies and policy makers, provincial, national and international patient safety organizations, the pharmaceutical industry and the public to promote safe medication practices. ISMP Canada's mandate includes analyzing medication errors, making recommendations for the prevention of harmful medication errors, and facilitating quality improvement initiatives.


Collaborating nationally and internationally to advance safe medication use.


To identify risks in medication use systems, recommend optimal system safeguards, and advance safe medication practices.


  • To review and analyze medication error and near-miss reports according to a hazard identification model, identify contributing factors and causes and make recommendations for the prevention of harmful medication errors.
  • To promote safe medication use and system strategies for reduction of adverse drug events.
  • To publish and disseminate information on safe medication practices for knowledge translation.
  • To develop and provide tools and educational programs for building capacity to enhance patient safety.
  • To provide expertise and consultation on medication systems in health service organizations and other health care settings.
  • To develop quality improvement programs for use by the healthcare community.
  • To work with regulatory agencies, policy makers and manufacturers to promote enhancements to pharmaceutical product packaging and labelling.
  • To facilitate patient safety research.
  • To establish and maintain strong partnerships with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) in the US, and other key national and provincial organizations with an interest in patient safety.
  • To achieve the outcomes envisioned by the Canadian Medication Incident Prevention and Reporting System (CMIRPS), a collaborative initiative of ISMP Canada, the Canadian Institute for Health Information ( CIHI) and Health Canada (known as the collaborating parties for CMIRPS), in conjunction with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI).


We Value:

  • Quality, Reliability and Integrity: A quality, high integrity, reliable system for reporting medication errors.
  • Learning, Sharing and Empowering: Knowledge translation about medication system safeguards.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of individuals and organizations submitting data to ISMP Canada.
  • Research and Innovation: Advancing research and innovation in the area of patient safety.
  • Trust and Transparency: Ensuring our actions are conducted with honesty and transparency, and funding is free of conflict of interest and consistent with our not-for-profit, independent status.
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