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Keep Your Vaccinations Up to Date


Vaccines protect you and those around you from certain diseases, so it is important to keep your vaccinations up to date. Check your immunization record or ask your healthcare provider to make sure you and your family members have received the recommended vaccines. For some vaccines, even if you received it in the past, an extra dose (called a "booster") may be needed to keep you protected.


In most Canadian provinces, pharmacists can now receive special training to give some vaccines. Because you don't need an appointment to talk to your pharmacist, it has become easier than ever to keep your vaccinations up to date. Be sure to ask your pharmacist any questions you have so you can decide if the vaccine is right for you.

Your pharmacist may be able to give you the following vaccines:

  • flu (or influenza) vaccine
  • travel vaccines (e.g., typhoid, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B [liver disease])
  • other vaccines (e.g., shingles, tetanus, HPV [human papillomavirus])

The cost of some, though not all, vaccines may be covered by the government or by your insurance company. Before you get a vaccine, ask your healthcare provider to explain any costs that you will have to pay directly.

Remember to ask a healthcare provider about vaccines you may need before travelling—and get the flu shot yearly!

Information on Health Canada's vaccine recommendations

Download the CANImmunize app to keep track of your vaccines!

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