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Let's Talk with Kids about Their Medicines


5 Questions

Engaging children to take an interest in their medicines is important. Many errors can be prevented through awareness and understanding of treatment plans. Involving children helps to give them a voice, so they can speak up when they have concerns. received a report from a parent who was about to apply cream to her 8-year-old son’s skin for his eczema. The child informed her that she was about to apply another family member's cream instead of his own. The parent was grateful that her son noticed the error and encouraged him to continue speaking up whenever he saw something that didn't look right.

Even young children can be taught a basic understanding of the purpose of their medicines and how to use them safely. With this in mind, ISMP Canada has worked with many partners to create a new resource intended specifically for children based on the "5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications" poster. The new handout shares 5 questions that children can ask about their medicines. has the following tips for parents to help their children learn about their medicines:

  • Download the "5 Questions to Ask About My Medicine" handout and start the conversation.
  • Help your child get answers to the "5 Questions to Ask About My Medicine" at every visit with their health team.
  • Work with your child to create an up-to-date list of their medicines (e.g., with the MyMedRec app).

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