1. Date the incident occurred
2. Province or Territory
3. What type of medication incident are you reporting? *
4. Where did the incident happen? *
5. At what stage(s) of the medication system did the incident occur? (Choose all that apply.) *
  • Prescribing
  • Documentation/computer entry
  • Preparation/dispensing
  • Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Other
  • I don't know
6. Name of medication(s) involved in this incident *
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Dosage Form:
7. Who discovered the incident? *
8. What was the age range of the person or patient who was affected by this incident?
9. Which of these most accurately describes the harm from the incident? *
  • Did not reach the patient/consumer ?
  • No harm ?
  • Mild harm ?
  • Moderate harm ?
  • Severe harm ?
  • Death ?
10. What needed to be done because of this incident? (Choose all that apply)
  • Called doctor, nurse or pharmacist
  • Visited Doctor's Office or Clinic
  • Called Poison Control Centre
  • Called 911
  • More treatment
  • Medical test(s)
  • Visited Emergency Department
  • Admitted to Hospital
  • Extended an existing hospital stay
  • Nothing
  • Other
11. Please describe what happened. If you have any suggestions on how an incident like this one can be prevented in the future, please include them.
Reminder: Please do not include any information that would identify the person involved, such as name, relationship to the reporter, address, or health number.

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